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Thomas A. Mahoney Sr. and his wife Ann started the business as a truck body repair and fabrication business. The original store was located in a one story cinder block building located at 321 South 13th Street. Painted on the facade was Mahoney Service Supply Co. Shortly after that, Thomas realized that he was selling more of his tools than working with them.
Around 1949, the store was renamed as T.A. Mahoney - Building, Hardware, Paints. Marine supplies were brought into the store somewhere during the 50's and were added to the sign along with the words plumbing and electrical.
Over the years, the demand for marine products grew so much, that them ended up taking over the majority of the store's showroom space. Of course as there was still the need for repairs, carrying all the components that were needed and offering our repair services was still a mainstay for our business.
T. A. Mahoney Co. took care of the marine and building hardware needs for the Tampa Bay Area well into the 1990's.


Currently, the 3rd generation of Mahoney’s are running this Tampa landmark. The vast knowledge that the generations have has passed down not only through the family lines, but also with all those that have worked with them. We take pride in our showroom and the fact that we actually know the products that we carry. We are truly marine experts! Why guess if you are getting the right part. We not only sell it, but we know how it works and how to install it. We can also tell you if you are going to need any additional parts so you only need to make one trip.

Since 1996 we have been at our present location which is 4990 East Adamo Drive at the corner of 50th Street and Highway 60. This large location gave us the room to expand and accommodate the needs of our clients.

Come visit our extensive showroom where you will find a huge selection of tackle and recreational boating needs. We also carry an extensive inventory of supplies that you need to maintain your boat. 

Need some repair work done? Our on-site repair shop has three bays to work out of. We can handle most repairs. We can also rig your new electronics, Power-Poles units, jackplates, trolling motors and much, much more.

We are trailer experts! If you need a new one, we have them. If you need repairs to your old one, no problem. We have most of the parts you will need. Best of all, our pricing is fair!

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